Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sorted Exhibition series 1 - BRITISH COMEDY SERIES

(All available as A4 300gsm and Giclee prints but can do other sizes/with frames etc on request.)

Matt Berry (The IT Crowd, Garth Merenghi, voice of Absolute Radio) and me at Sorted London with the painting I did of him as Dr Sanchez in the credits of Garth Marenghi.

So, I decided to do a series of 10 black and white water colour paintings (WITH backgrounds!! Shock, Horror) of my favourite actors in modern British Comedy. I scanned through all my favourite episodes and film clips so that I could pause it right at the moment which I thought totally captured that actor's/their character's personality, and paint from that.

I then wrote to all the celebrities that I had painted (Matt Berry, Bill Bailey, Richard Ayoade, Mark Heap, Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant, Adam Buxton, Joe Cornish, Noel Fielding, Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) and invited them to come and see the painting of themselves at the private view.
And then the legend himself - Matt Berry - wandered in around 7.30, oozing of cool and complimenting everyone's work. My smile nearly broke my face.

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Sorted Exhibition series 1 - FOOD LABELS

Really enjoyed doing this project, talked to someone from PrintClub London while I was exhibiting at the East Gallery and they thought I should definitely try screen printing so I'm going to go along to one of their workshops and get some prints made, very excited!!

(P.S. - If you are interested in buying any of these as a print I am selling a signed edition of 25 of each image on 300 gsm A4 paper. I can also do other sizes, framed prints and Giclee prints on request... Contact me on