Friday, 27 July 2012

The Art of Winning Poster Competition

This was my poster design for The Art of Winning competition put together by Let's Be Brief, Twenty%extra, and the very trendy BoxPark Gallery, just next to Shoreditch Overground station. I was one of the lucky winners and my poster is on display there throughout July so go and take a peek if you like, they've got some very cool shops/bars/restaurants up there as well so if the sun's out you can make a right day of it!

Adam and Joe - two of the loveliest men around.

If getting a photo of Adam Buxton with my work wasn't enough, I've now been sent this wonderful picture of Adam and Joe together with my painting! What lovely lovely men to take the time to do this, if you haven't already heard their podcasts from their days at BBC6 Music, then get yourselves on iTunes and download some, they are hilarious.
If you're more of a film/TV fan than radio - Joe was the director of the fantastic film Attack the Block and the new Tintin film, and Adam has acted in Hot Fuzz, The IT Crowd and Stardust to name but a few.