Saturday, 4 December 2010


This is the one of the paintings I exhibited with Showcase London at the Rich Mix on November 24th, the actual one is A1 size and unfortunately you can't see the detail quite as well on the computer, but still you get the idea...

I also did another version of my flying cow for the show and repainted some of my letters of my food alphabet, these were the final versions I exhibited...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Editorial Project...

At Jelly they gave me this brief to work on alongside one of their artists to show me what the deadlines are like and what will be expected of me. The artist who was doing the same brief as me was Jo Bird who has a really nice sketchy, colourful style and I was asked to do my illustration in the same sort of style. The article was about the taboos on mental health problems in teenagers. Here's what I came up with...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New typography work...

Since I've been at Jelly I've been working on some typography, been doing a bit of
hand written and a bit of computer. Here's a couple to show, they've both been hand painted with watercolours...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Work! Paintings about current affairs...

Big thank you to everyone who made it down to the Rich Mix for my show tonight, it went really well and was great to see so many friendly faces.
For those who couldn't make it, here are the two new pieces that I exhibited alongside a short explanation about each...

"Mr Tory and Cleggy bear get lost"

This painting is a parody of David Cameron as Mr Bean. Mr Bean's only friend is his teddy bear. Teddy bear doesn't actually do anything, but Mr Bean finds it comforting to confide in him and he takes him everywhere he goes. I have replaced the teddy bear's face with Nick Clegg's.

The title of this piece can be read as "Mr Tory and Cleggy bear get lost" or "Mr Tory and Cleggy bear - Get lost". It's up to you.

"How long will it take?"

In Western civilisation, there are very few people who still hunt for their meals as food has become so cheap and accessible. It used to only be the very richest people who went through life not having to make a single meal for themselves, however nowadays it is mainly the low-income families who buy so many of their meals ready-made from supermarkets or fast food restaurants.

Apart from the convenience of being ready in just a few minutes, this food tends to be high in fat and low in quality which makes them much cheaper to buy than fresh raw ingredients.
If this low quality food continues to get cheaper, then I wonder how long it will take for this trend to take over third world countries, where they may have less food but at least what they do eat is all real and fresh.

Will it get to a point where there is so much cheap food being made and going to waste that even the animals won't have the need to hunt anymore? How long will it take for convenience to take over instinct?

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

You can now buy my prints on !!

You can now buy my work by clicking on this link

I will be updating it soon so keep your eyes peeled!
Happy shopping :-)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Get your diary's - Sep 22nd is SHOWCASE NIGHT!

Just want to thank everyone who came down and supported us at the August 4th Showcase London. It went really well, met some lovely people and sold a fair bit of work. Unfortunately that was the last Showcase London at Cafe 1001, BUT, don't worry your pretty little selves, for Showcase is only moving round the corner to RICH MIX, on Bethnal Green Road!

This Showcase is going to be even more buzzing than the last, firstly because I will be exhibiting with the very talented - Thomas Leadbetter and secondly because we will be combining our exhibition with sketches and scenes from talented young actors, the whole night will just be bursting with creativity and fresh talent.

There will, of course, be a BAR and lots of art and merchandise to buy - big and small! I will be selling my normal collection of A3 and A4 prints, fridge magnets and postcard packs.

N.B. If you would like a print of any image off my blog or website
please do let me know by latest September 19th, and I can get them printed by request to bring to the show. Email me on

Hope to see you down there,

Wraggy love to all

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Jelly brief results and new project...

So LASH collective won Jelly London's brief!
And the prize is work experience with Jelly themselves - E X C I T I N G !!!!

Meanwhile I've been working on a new mini project, here's the first two with a short description, I'll get the last one up soon...

Look Twice

This painting is about defying stereotypes and that if people take more notice, things may not always appear as they seem. It's so easy to put people into categories, and after stereotyping someone it usually kills off any hint of curiosity we may have originally had to find out what that person is really like. So maybe next time you see an O.A.P. sitting on a park bench you'll realise they aren't the stereotypical old biddy reading The Sunday Times, but they're actually being a right old dirty bastard.

Paddington Bum

This painting was the result of wondering what Paddington Bear is up to these days. I think the Brown family have all grown up and realised how impractical it is keeping a bear in London, and let him out in to the wild not realising just how severe his marmalade addiction was. I think he's in Kings Cross somewhere holding up this sign. Sorry for ruining your childhood.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Twenty%extra, a London based creative agency have written a very
flattering review about me and my work, which I happened to receive
on my birthday! Lovely surprise!! Check it out folks...

Friday, 2 July 2010


I have a second blog! I am now part of a new Illustration collective called LASH, check out our blog at

We are having our first launch party at Showcase London on Wednesday August 4th, 5.30-11.30 at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane. So bring everyone and their mothers - it's gonna be funkalicious...

New project in progress, currently painting Prince Phillip pissed off his tits. Intrigued?? I thought so... See you on the 4th.


Thursday, 10 June 2010

My latest project has been all about anthropomorphism, where I've given human traits and characteristics to different groups of animals. My work tends to revolve around social commentary, I address typical situations that a Londoner may come across, and as I have lived in London all my life this comes very naturally to me.

There are seven images in this series, Disability, Authority, Immigration, Etiquette, Bullying, Homophobia and Class Division.'Disability'






'Class Division'