Sunday, 18 July 2010

Jelly brief results and new project...

So LASH collective won Jelly London's brief!
And the prize is work experience with Jelly themselves - E X C I T I N G !!!!

Meanwhile I've been working on a new mini project, here's the first two with a short description, I'll get the last one up soon...

Look Twice

This painting is about defying stereotypes and that if people take more notice, things may not always appear as they seem. It's so easy to put people into categories, and after stereotyping someone it usually kills off any hint of curiosity we may have originally had to find out what that person is really like. So maybe next time you see an O.A.P. sitting on a park bench you'll realise they aren't the stereotypical old biddy reading The Sunday Times, but they're actually being a right old dirty bastard.

Paddington Bum

This painting was the result of wondering what Paddington Bear is up to these days. I think the Brown family have all grown up and realised how impractical it is keeping a bear in London, and let him out in to the wild not realising just how severe his marmalade addiction was. I think he's in Kings Cross somewhere holding up this sign. Sorry for ruining your childhood.

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  1. Congrats on winning the brief and good to see that your keeping up the artwork :)